The Benefits of Relationship Counseling Can Last a Lifetime

"My marriage has blossomed because of Bill's help."

I bring extensive training, skill, energy and dedication to helping couples rediscover and deepen their love for each other, communicate more effectively, manage life transitions, rebuild broken trust, rekindle physical and emotional affection, raise healthy children and enjoy all of the benefits of a deeply satisfying and fulfilling relationship.

"I can say that our marriage of 11 years is now stronger than it's ever been, and it is definitely due to our work with Bill. He is one of the gentlest, non judgmental souls I have ever met. He has the perfect demeanor for this job. I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone needing help!"

I have extensive experience heping couples quickly identify and begin to address whatever is getting in the way of their mutual happiness, support, cooperation and affection.

"You helped us enormously! I think our marriage is much stronger than ever, thanks largely to the work we did together."

I help couples deal effectively with many different problems and situations that arise in relationships.  Even when issues between individuals are complex and challenging, the right guidance can bring much-needed hope and healing to both people.  

"Bill initially struck us as a direct, honest, and insightful therapist with a good sense of humor. On our first meeting he suggested immediate behavioral changes that probably kept my husband and I together and brought us to a place where we could begin to communicate again. In particular, as a couples therapist Bill has a way of communicating a thought in several different ways until it makes sense to both my husband and I (who can approach things very differently)."

 I work with relationships that are long-term or new, married or single, straight or gay, monogamous or alternative.  I’m committed to utilizing my best skills and experience to help all couples heal and grow.

"Bill is a great therapist and I believe has done what no other therapist could have done - which is show my husband and I a common ground where can now meet and begin all the hard work involved in repairing and maintaining our relationship. I would highly recommend him to any individual or couple looking to work hard to change the things in their lives that they want to change."


My office is easily accessible from anywhere in the metropolitan Atlanta area.  There are many excellent therapists, and if you don't get help from me I hope you will seek out the right resource for your specific situation.  I'm glad to give referrals and recommendations to colleagues I trust.

"I can honestly say that Bill Herring saved my marriage. I came to him with some issues of my own that were threatening to sink my marriage, and Bill was able to guide me and then me and my wife through solutions that turned out to work wonderfully for us."

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