Sexual Addiction Recovery and Resources

Guide To Atlanta Sex Addiction Resources

Atlanta has dozens of support groups and treatment options for people wanting to overcome the destructive cycle of sexually addictive urges and behaviors.  Here are some of the most effective sources for help in the area.

Partners Of The Chronically Unfaithful

A person in a committed long-term relationship who learns that his or her partner has engaged in multiple acts of sexual betrayal will find few places to turn for emotional support and objective guidance.  There are many challenges to address in order to heal from the wounds of repetitive sexual deception, and this article will provide much-needed information and valuable perspectives. 

A "Sex Addict" By Any Other Name Hurts the Same

The phrase "sex addict" can raise all kinds of different and often difficult emotions in people from all walks of life, whether they are considering it for themselves, someone they know, or just as a concept in general.  There is still a lot of misunderstanding about the topic, so I wrote this article to offer some clarity on what sex addiction is*not*.  I hope you find it useful.

Sex Addiction: Three Drugs In One

Sex addiction is a powerful influence on human behavior because it changes brain chemistry three different ways: increasing fantasy, excitement and anxiety reduction.

What Are The Triggers Of Sexual Addiction Relapse?

A person seeking to manage compulsive sexual behavior must learn how to recognize and effectively respond to to the fact that a variety of "triggers" can set the spiral of an addictive relapse into motion. Learn what they are and how to prevent them!

Sexual Addiction and The "3 Second Rule"

Unhealthy thought processes can lead a person struggling with compulsive sexual behavior to spiral into relapse long before physiological arousal occurs. Learn how the "3 Second Rule" can help prevent fantasy, intrigue and objectification from spreading to dangerous proportions.

What Is "Sexual Sobriety"?

The concept of "sexual sobriety" for sex addicts can be confusing and may sometimes seem contradictory depending on each individual situation. This article provides a succinct overview of many of the important areas for consideration in defining what "sobriety" means for a sex addict.

Healing From Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is a progressive and potentially devastating pattern of behavior marked by loss of control of sexual impulses.  Healing and recovery from sex addiction is entirely possible with the right motivation and assistance.

Cybersex: The Crack Cocaine of Sex Addiction

Cybersex is truly the "crack cocaine" of compulsive sexual expression, bringing many people to the brink of devastation who otherwise would never have experienced a problem in this area.  Read why this is so often the case.

Online and Telephone Support Forums For Sex Addicts and Their Partners

Since issues surrounding poorly controlled or chronically deceptive sexual behavior are so hard to discuss openly with friends or family, and since some people don't have access to in-person support groups, this compiled list of online and telephone-based support forums can bring support and assistance to anyone, at any time, anywhere in the world.

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