Online Coaching and Consultation For Personal Concerns

I offer my clients the ability to communicate wth me via telephone or online video chat  for times when they are too far away to meet with me face-to-face.  I also offer online or telephone coaching and consultation to people who are not regular counseling or psychotherapy clients of mine. .

Coaching and consultation services are different than counseling or psychotherapy. They are generally shorter-term services.  Online or telephone coaching or consultation can be useful for people who live in more isolated locations and who therefore don't have easy access to specialists for issues that are part of my primary focus.  Part of my goal will be to hook you up with whatever long-term resources can help you over time.  Many of my coaching and consultation clients check in with me from time to time.  Our conversations may not generally don't go as "deep" as would happen with in-person counseling and psychotherapy clients. This means our focus may be more based in the here-and-now and not so much on early childhood and other formative experiences. Often I help people establish an initial set of goals and a plan of action to begin achieving them.  As with any other service, the specifics of what i can offer will depend on each unique situation.  

If this interests you, I invite you to call or email me so that we can determine together whether connecting by telephone or online video is a good fit for your individual situation.  Please be aware that I may decide that distance coaching or consultation may not be a good idea for various reasons.  That's why the best way to start is for you to send me an email description about what's going on with you so we can decide together whether it makes good sense for us to go this route. 

For those who do want to work with me in this way I can say that many people who have done this have been happy with how it went.  There can be an emotional connection that can pleasantly surprise people who have never done it before. Of course, nothing comes close to being together in the same room with the person you are talking to. But in the situations descrinbed above to provide this type of service.