Reduced Fee Counseling

I know that many sincere, motivated people in Atlanta who are seeking a therapist to make important life changes simply cannot afford $225 for 50 minutes of talk, especially if that needs to happen repeatedly. So I am going to start an experiment in offering reduced fee appointments.

I have rarely provided any kind of "sliding scale" services. For one thing it's hard for me to verify somebody's true financial need.  It's also important for me as a therapist to not to feel like I'm being taken advantage of by people simply looking to get a "deal". 

Slowly over the years my rates have risen.  My fee reflects my extensive training and my decades of experience as one of Atlanta's most qualified therapists for treating chronic infidelity, pornography struggles and sex or porn addiction.  I am very aware that the higher I raise my rates the fewer people who can afford my services.  I do not enjoy turning away people who want quality counseling for their problematic sexual behavior but who simply and truly cannot afford me. One reason I put my fee on my website is so people don't have to contact me only to learn my services are out of their range. 

Does this mean that only people who are blessed with financial fortune deserve to receive the highest level of professional counseling for their addictive, compulsive or misdirected sexual behavior patterns?  Of course not!  I've finally decided to do something about this inequality.

If I can help somebody get their life in order while still earning a living then I want to make counseling work for people in Atlanta with more limited financial resources.  This means I have decided offer some reduced fee appointments for people who truly can't afford my full rate. 

I'm not looking to make therapy 'cheap' for anyone.  Therapy deserves to be a significant investment that you make for your most valuable resource: yourself.  I want to help people in Atlanta who are motivated to change and grow .  There is a difference between "stretching" and breaking your budget to pay for a therapist.  Again, I am not interested in offering my services to people who just want to get a "good deal". I expect and request people who can afford me to pay my full fee. This allows me to be able to help those who are less fortunate financially. 

If you want to meet with me as a highly qualified Atlanta counselor to help you with your sexual concerns but you truly can't pay my normal rate then tell me honestly.  We'll talk about your situation and work out a deal we can both live with.  I may not promise to see you forever at a reduced rate, but at the very least I may be able to offer you a "package" of a few sessions to help you get started on the road to a better way of living.  

Also, I say this to anybody: one way to save time and money with me is to carefully work on this list of 21 questions about your life from birth to adulthood.  I want to talk about every one of these topics in person so it can save hours and therefore many hundreds of dollars for you to work on this list of questions on your own time and bring it in with you. 

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